Sunday, October 24, 2010


This is Moey.  His blowin up big in the photography world at the moment landing photos in all the top Australian magazines but the raddest thing - he shreds as hard as the guys his shooting.  Always down for a skate mission and always bringing the balling vibes, I give Moey 5 spuds.  Check his snaps at -


I have to many prince gnarfaces.

Tip Toe.

If being sexy is a virus then all these guys have a disease.


Summer Love

Sunny days bring skateboarding happiness to me and my friends, Ive started skating 2-3 times a week and loving it more than ever.  We have recently switched local parks from EC (central north hobart) to Taroona which is a lush little mellow park surrounded by trees and fun lines to shred.

Drawings Take 6

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Also snapped up this little bargin, the camera orginally had a $20 sticker on it but with a few back isles and speedy skills i replaced the sticker with a $4 sticker, bargin hunting Louie stikes once again.
Kodak Instamatic 33

check out homie bips blog at - for some rad film shots.


Film photography is where its at.  I havent had the pleasure of shooting film since being in school and after looking at some inspirational work over here -  I began the hunt for a rad SLR camera.  I came across this beautiful camera, Viogtlander- Prontor matic 125 it doesnt look like its had any use and bought it at $40, If anyone knows anything about the camera be sure to let me know!

Drawings Take 5.

eye large.

my dads got bigger eyes than your dad.

Summer Skates

Its that time of the year when the sun comes out from behind those clouds and kicks it with the blues skys, happy vibes, brews, BBQ's and longer days.  For me and my homies this means we pick up the shred sticks again and get rolling.

Like a windface rolex.

we found a hottie. omegle living large


Sussing the omegle vibes.. who wouldnt want to talk to this stud?

Dicks, Pirates, Gardening and Radness.

Everyone go take a peep at my homie's site -
BE WARNED - you may be stuck in there for hours.  Its lush.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Get busy livin or get busy dyin

Naysh is taking a break.

Commitments? Im Swayze.

This is Vincent "The Enzo" Hunt.  We are soon to be house mates, shits real.  This guy can dance for hours on end with or without the influence of alcohol/drug fuelled cocktails or what ever tickles your fancy.. Although this night we dabbled in a new favourite mix - Whisky/red bull with a pinch of vanilla cola.

Prince Enzo.

Rocket Juice on the rocks

Drinks at barrick street are always good times.

Willie Snaps

My homie willie snapped a few snaps whilst on the mission, i dig.


We headed out to the Tip Shop in search of some new wheels, you can get really lucky sometimes and find some rad stuff out there but this day nothing much was kicking.