Saturday, February 19, 2011


New purchase, Scored some editing programs and a whole bunch of other fun last night so Im looking foward to learning how to use photoshop properly and start getting this blog legit.  Stay tuned!

oh and I saw an eagle.

I got my digital camera back at the start of the week and havent used it much yet, so I got my super macro on yesterday and snapped these shots of a gnarly belt buckle I picked up from some shop, somewhere.

Balls deep.

Yesterday I played golf, I havent played much golf over the last year due to a shoulder injury from skating and basically being lazy.  It was the australian commonwealth government golf day which is held 4 times a year its always good fun and great excuse to have the day off work! My score card for the first nine was looking pretty evil with all the 6's but the back nine wasnt too bad with a couple birdies and par's.
Last round I won 'closest to the pin' (won the 3 balls pictured below) and this round Dad took it out on 2/3 holes - bought his A game.  Oh and I split a ball in two with my powerful follow through.

 not sure if this will work -!/video/video.php?v=10150172484760253 these are my golfing skills from a year or so ago


I scored this board at the Tip Shop a couple years ago for $1,  makes a rad wall collective peice - someone let me know if its worth anything!

Little Wings

My feather collection started a couple months ago on a rock climbing adventure and is growing into a proud collection!  Some are worn, some small and some big.  My favourite feather at the moment is a parrots feather I found on the golf course with a tint of blue and jade green which changes when you twirl it in the light, feathers are rad!

Sweet Home Allison.

Home sweet Home

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Time for Slippin

1 month 2 days since my last post - slippin.
Its been a busy month and I'm settled into my new apartment, My car is ready for sale and I have treated myself to a new Apple Macbook Pro along with a 500 gb usb hardrive to store all my always growing photos, videos and music.  Still sorting an internet connection for the new place and hopefully be hooked up within the fornight.
Recieved a call today that my camera has been fixed so Im excited to get snapping again, I ended up shooting two rolls of film whilst out of the digital world and Im soon to scan these up! 
Once the Internet is connected I plan to give this blog a mega renovation and new outlook with daily contributions and more stuff to read about rather than my monthly achievements.

Peace Wetheloons.