Saturday, October 29, 2011


I just witnessed an incredibly drunk man being forced out of a pub by the bouncer, dodge my car by millimetres crossing the road & then getting into a car and driving away - I have no idea how far he got but he obviously hasn't seen this advert.


This is our "SCARED STIFF" entry for the Analog/Gravis Halloween comp - go peep the other rad entree's over at

Friday, October 28, 2011


Friday Morning with 5BPA.
Friday, October 28, 2011

Brewery: Odell Brewing Co.
Make: Pale Ale
Volume: 5.2%
Per unit: £3.00


B4 B5?

Nothing. 5 Barrel Pale ale is the shit! Bomb-tastic mouth-gazim! This Pale Ale rules. I'm not sure what the Americans are up too, but they are on the right track with this dribble. It has this fresh smell about it and beckons to be in you. Pleasing your senses all the way down. Once it's entered your stomach canal it gives out such a satisfaction and an overwhelming feeling of belonging.

The happy Hoppy flavour gives you a smile right up. It's oily and wonderfully floral mix runs all the way over the tongue pallet. I'm a big fan of this style of beer that's brewed by the Americans. It's a superb beer.

This is a great session/party beer. It'd be best enjoyed meeting new people and them going "Hey, what's that beer?" and you saying, "Well, Lore Danger introduced it to me via is reviews and he said it tasted great. So, I thought i'd give it a try." So that's the extent of it, really. I suggest you go out and grab yourself a box of this beauty-brew and have a good time with friends, family and such.

The finishing sip is a golden one making you long for more… and I think that's what i'm going to do. So, I'll be back for another review later. After this brew, this is what I recommend you – 5BPA.

Crack one open!

Intoxicationator: Get some cash and throw it at your local importer. 24? Oh yeah!

Dangerscale: 90/100

"Fuck me, Barrel me, and feed me beer!"

Song Listened too whilst consumed: "I'm In The House (feat. [[[zuper blahq]]]) (Grandtheft Remix) - Steve Aoki."

Enjoy Responsibly (or not).

- Lore Danger, 28th October, 2011


Thursday, October 27, 2011



It's funny as fuck!

- Lore Danger


Wednesday Night with the DONK!
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brewery: Corsendonk
Make: Dubbel, Corsendonk Pater
Volume: 7.5%
Per unit: £3.20


The Donk?

Well, firstly I'm not too sure about this drop. It has subtle flavours and doesn't seem to jump out at you until you leave the next sip for a bit. I feel that this beer has a lot to offer if you're not looking for something that's going to slay you with robust taste.

Now wait a shredding picking minute, I initially don't like this beer. There is, however, something good about it and I'm not sure where to put my tongue on it. It gives off similarities to blood – you know that taste when you cut yourself and then suck the blood; that iron/metallic taste. Not saying that it tastes like blood, but has that taint. I find that it has a some similarity to Guinness, but not as thick. It's got the punch and flavour of the G, but a hell of a lot stronger. I also find that there is a lot less burnt sugar, disregarding the colour of the beer. It tastes quite sweet. This is where i'm not sure that I like it.

I bet the monks in Belgium were sitting around all drunk one day and discussed and deliberated over their next creation. One, who seemed the drunkest bellowed "Let's make one batch and cut back the time it takes to make our 'normal' and add a fuck load of sugar and spice." The others with a smirk agreed all in their intoxicated state.

Again, not saying that it's a bad beer, it possesses a lot less of my expectation in a double brew. I fear that it's more of a common style and is unrefined and is a step away from glory.

Intoxicationator: 1 and then move on.

Dangerscale: 30/100

"Placid like a half eaten chocolate coated granola bar."

Song Listened too whilst consumed: "Numb feat. P-Money - Starkey."

Enjoy Responsibly (or not).

- Lore Danger, 26th October, 2011


Monday, October 24, 2011


I have been skating with George for the last 8 years - We have had Goodtimes, Badtimes and Nomadtimes.  George was skating beyond his years the day I met him and continues to surprise everyone around him, George is rad.

Blame Youtube for the lack of audio.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I just found 2 milk creates full of music magazines ranging from the early 60's to late 90's

The Simpsons First Issue

"LION" a comic from the 60's

This was an amazing find!!! The magazine are all in original condition there is around 50 - 60 total


season II

Thursday, October 20, 2011


is running smoothly over on the WTL facebook page

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To Loon or not to Loon.

That's right. We got some London supporters of the Loons now. Fucking check that respect! Keep it rolling.
All the way from London, Lore Danger is bringing the pain!

Beer time! Quad-Damge!

Wednesday Evening with Quad-Damage!
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brewery: La Trappe
Make: Quadrupel, Trapist, Koningshoeven
Volume: 10%
Per unit: £3.75


Id Software would be proud: Quad-Damage!

As soon as you open the bottle you can smell this beauty.

Malty as fuck.

You think to yourself: A beer with such high percentage of alcoholic volume it will rip your socks off and feed them back to you through your mouth. Well, it does, but in a sexy, smooth way. It sits on your tongue as if it was on a vacation; Enjoying every moment and meeting and greeting each taste bud, wowing each and everyone of those little buds.

Great, smooth and jizzable.

There is not much nose to this, so I feel that it's more of a "Get-it-in-your-mouth" Beer. Obviously don't smash it like a can of Harn-Ice, but more enjoy each well measured-by-the-tilt sip. I live hyphens. However, leaving it to sit after a few minutes from your first couple of sits is imperative. This is where the flavours all come out to play (like Loki). You have menacing sweetness with a overture of quality bitter. I feel confused after each sip, as they are all reacting differently.

The smell I mentioned before reminds you that it's a high percentage beer. Arid and eye watering (a little bit). The golden-brown evils that seep its way out of this contrasted bottle are a little unbelievable. It's so full of flavour that somewhat can be explained but is welcomed by my body.

The presentation and colour of the beer is murky like water in India, but is perfect like the Women in Germany (the ones that bring you beer). Not even half-way down the glass of dreams i'm feeling change in the mind. It's making me want to get something to eat, but nothing so substantial. I honestly feel, coming from a seaside, I would love to taste octopus tentacles and crab meat with some beetroot puree and mango relish/chutney. Yeah, but It's not going to happen for me here in London. So, i've got some cheap chocolate. It does well, but nowhere near.

When you get a little ballsy, you take the bigger swig and understand the overwhelming power of this quad-fist-beer. A quadruple will get you. The high is mellow, smooth and exciting. It's excelling my dopamine and releasing some much needed serotonin to give me this grin so uncontrollable. Still sweet and malty, completely enjoyable and making me want to sing along to J5. This is a happy beer and it's all welcome to the cheer.

I've recently gotten back into drinking quality beer and it's ruined my taste for any draught beer in pubs. So, be warned, you'll hate normal and crave quality-unique. So, head down to your local boutique beer garden and get a stein of real shit and hit it in concession. Or keep reading my notes and enjoy with recommendation.

Enjoyed all the way down the glass. Don't underestimate the power of this drop. Because if you drink too much you will, er', drop. Party drink for sure! Get some!

Intoxicationator: 2-3 for yo' party!

Dangerscale: 80/100

"I got fragged by this killer."

Song Listened too whilst consumed: "Great Expectations - Jurassic 5."

Enjoy Responsibly (or not).

- Lore Danger, 19th October, 2011


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Skateboard filmmaker and photographer Greg Hunt  displayed his first solo exhibition of film and photography earlier this week- Selective Memory 


ads are the shit. HUF recent held a create your own commercial competition - alot of rad entrees!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Lee Henley was my home town hero.  I have memories of heading to the local park in hope the older skaters would be there so I could sit, watch, learn & once they had left - race to poach their tricks but of course never being able to come close to a land.  Lee is still shredding to date.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Human Cannonball! Beer Review.

I'm excited to be back on track! I've been busy and away for a while. I've gotten on to a new list of brews and back to review them! I've got some top notch blasters coming up. Stay tuned and save your pennies for these crackers! Sorry again for the long delay. I still care, but London has stepped on my sleeping pattern. Anyway, Enjoy the newest addition to the Beer Reviews from yours truly. Jump!
- Lore Danger

Friday Evening with the Human Cannonball!
Friday, October 14, 2011

Brewery: Magic Rock Brewing
Make: Double India Pale Ale
Volume: 9.2%
Per unit: £3.25

Double Trouble!

Without a second thought I knew I'd be in for a douse. If Double doesn't mean anything, then what the? First impressions on your face is the smell. The aromatic and equally pungent hoppy punch, gets you right between the eyes. Then for the kisser, it fills the whole mouth with a ripe invasion of flavour and alcohol.

After a few sips I already feel like the human cannonball. It feeds on your insecurity and the negligence. You become educated into why this brew is called what it is. POW! In your mouth. The malty flavours are powerful.

Sometimes in brews like this the flavours can be too much. However, Magic Rock Brewing have made the magical recipe for this devilishly potent drop. It works. It's strong and it's fucking tasty!

It's not really a session beer, but it's be fantastic in a tasting of cheese and assortments of spicy breads. The feeling I get from this clever concoction is that they are trying to appeal to the younger and artistic market. The Label and presentation of this bottle is grand and shiny. If you like funky graphics and silver reflection, this presentation is sure to please. Then, to the most important, the amber liquid that's inside: It's sure to blow your socks off and introduce your taste-buds into the worlds of doubling up!

The Human Cannonball is a fine example from M.R.B. and has pleased. It's best enjoyed chilled at around 5-6 degrees celsius, then taken from the fridge to sit on the bench for 5 minutes and popped open and poured frantically into your favourite vessel. Drink up, smell it. It's good. It's Smooth and tasty.

It gets a big thumbs up from me. If you can get your hands on this baby, please get yourself a bottle or two! It was a pleasure.

Intoxicationator: 1-3 would be enough!

Dangerscale: 75/100

"I felt like the Human Cannonball after this brew: Blasted."

Song Listened too whilst consumed: "Green Bottle (Original Mix) - Feed Me."

Enjoy Responsibly (or not).

- Lore Danger, 14th October, 2011


Monday, October 10, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011



Made in the Nowan online T-shirt store which launched  mid-2011.  Designs are produced daily and available for 24 hours only, so if you one of those people who gets a kick out of having a shirt no-one else has - this might be your next hit.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Homies rolling at Lauderdale Skatepark

Filmed & Edited James James

Theo's Tubin Tuesdays!

Oh hai Tubers,
I've got some musical gold for you here today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tony Royster Jr.

Live! Isle Of Wight 1970
Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower.

Eric, Ginger, and Jack, killing it. circa 1968
Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love

Hope your all out enjoying the nice weather.

Monday, October 3, 2011


New SLAM - Now sold Bi Monthly

Slam issue #184 - October / November 2011. Cover: Chima Ferguson - five-o. Photo: Mike O'Meally


I never had the chance to befriend Eddy Chung, but from my grom memories Eddy killed it equally off the board as much as he did on board.  Always with a smile and with such a style and attitude towards skateboarding who wouldn't!  It was people like Eddy that kept me in skateboarding, encouragement, positive attitudes and general friendliness is the biggest key and wether we like it or not the grom's are skateboardings future - respect your elders and encourage the grom's! 

Skateboarding is fucking rad.