Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey guys and gals, you know what time it is.

So why haven't we heard of anything like this happening? Ever? Seriously
hydration for thought.
Dig. Enjoy or be scared? You decide.
Torstein Horgmo, pretty much invented every possible rail rotation
in and out on a snowboard. And who has possibly the most chill stomped
style with surgery precision.
Thanks for tuning in!

A - Z

Had a couple days off so we are now back on track!

Olivia' Frog eating Fairy Floss

Zach's Flying Finger and Full Fridge

Louie's Loon of The Rings


89% of the Loons population Fliffed.

Monday, May 30, 2011


I shot these photos several years ago in college during 2004 - 06 all on film
Timed was the brand name for my skateboarding videos

This weeks clip is Seb Galloway who unfortunately gave away skating, I cant imagine the level of skateboarding he would be on now


Shout out to Wilmann for linking this gold!


The Loons took the weekend off - Got some surfing shots, got some skating shots, got some man shots - it was a productive weekend! 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Announced a Couple days ago, Im so hyped on this - Theotis is by far one of my favourites


Tip 2 "make it known"

If you followed tip 1 you should now be fliffin with a pocket fulla change and receipts. You are ready for the next stage! Let people know how much money (volume not necessarily street worth) you got! Riddle me this... If a man fliffs and nobody sees it, does he really fliff? Sounds like he's chumpin to me! And 101 rule for life is that Chicks dump chumps. Here's how to get noticed:

Laugh louder

Laugh and laugh extremely loud whenever possible. Girls love funny guys and if you laugh all the time you are obviously thinking of some pretty funny shit and they are intrigued. A good example is to go into a store. Skip the line and place ya items on the counter. Say "how much is this shit?" when the store manager responds laugh long and as loud as possible. Proceed to dump a handful of 5 centaz on the counter while repeating "not even counting it". Bust a 180 and Proceed to leave the store WITHOUT the item. Two reasons: firstly, you paid the guy $1.15 and secondly it looks like you fliff so often you forgot as soon as you emptied your fliff sack. On your way out of the store kick something over.

A - Z

Ally drew a cool elephant hitting the nuts

Olivia also drew a elephant! named it ELLIE

Louies drawing for the day

Look it my eyes - Greta was killing it today

I want this dudes poncho!! Greta with Elmexicanaaah

Keep them coming!

Brandon Westgate Emerica Stay Gold B-Side

Its every kids dream to be a pro, I mean the lifestyle, traveling, women, the people. free stuff whats not to love! but hucking body down some gigantic set or rail... these dudes are on another level and its fucking fantastic.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A - Z

Loving the entries! keep on drawing!

Louie's Drawing of the day

Zach killin it with Double D's - Dagwood Dog

Ella with a rad Duck

Scott's Duck is shredding the Jazz Flute like a mutha



Scotty's ex Girlfriend stole his dog, LIKE to get GUS BACK!

Transformers are getting real whilst Megan Fox is getting fake.

The Rap Game

On a telephone-pole in the streets of Chicago, huckster was selling Rapture-jets to circumvent God's plan of Hoovering only the pious up to Heaven. For $50K, you can beat the system! Stick it to the bearded man on a cloud!
Be sure to click this photo to read his sales pitch.


The Dallas Mavericks are headed to the 2011 NBA FINALS!


A work in progress - 'Solitude' 2010/201

Joe Fenton started work on this image back in 2010. It is 8ft across & 5ft high. In these photos he is only working in graphite. 

Drift king


A few weeks back I was invited to shoot some photos of the new - Scientist of Modern Music film clip being made - featuring their new single - "Because if I die
Scientists Cal and Simon have created a super rad new website
featuring the video clip which The Loons gave you a sneak peak at!!
Music, up coming shows, clips, the shop and all the recent news -


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A - Z

Olivia's actual car is for sale! picture included

Ally hitting doubles with a Centipede sipping on a Cuppa

Crazy Cow eating a Chronic Carrot with the Clouds and Comits all on a Clift from Zach

Louie's drawing for the day

CHOCOLATE MAN! Rachel thinking outside the box WE LIKE!

Check out this badass Clown! so rad - Krez shredding

whats everyone got for D?