Friday, January 14, 2011


I was showing a homie the new years update and somehow forgot this badass photo or maybe I secretly wanted this photo to stick out from the rest.  Moey and Hooves get so fresh and so clean -

Thursday, January 13, 2011


This year is going to be fresh - Started a new job, Made some new friends, selling my car to buy a 1973-75 ford Fairmont and to top it all off found a new house, finally the real estate gods have shone upon me and landed me an apartment, an escape, a freedom, a flexibility, residence, territory, abode - somewhere to call home.  After 3 months of crashing at peoples houses the hit of happiness was ecstasy.  I cannot wait to pimp the new place and to be able to home shop again, since moving out I’ve have barely shopped at all with nowhere to store my finds.  Here are some mobile uploads of my old room at
103 Goulburn street
and a badass Fairmont.

Broken Camera.

My digital camera broke.  Its being repaired and it will be out of action for 6-8 weeks, hopefully this will motivate me to take some film shots which Im always saying I'll get around too.  Maybe this year I will freshen things up a little with change - New blog layout for starters, Some film shots to mix in with the digital overload and maybe try out some photoshop edits. 

Light my Fire.

Night had settled and it was time for the main event - BOMFIRE!  This thing at first was 3 times the height of me and lasted well into the next day.  During the day we had developed a small Frisbee fetish and everyone kept reassuring me it will only get better at night, after everyone suiting up with glow sticks the Frisbee was brought out again! This Frisbee was incredible with the ability to glow in the dark and change colours whilst cutting the air - playing Frisbee under the stars is a must, for all those there will understand.  Music blasting, filling the empty valley, everyone stomping there feet dancing around the fire and my camera battery had come to an end.  Although my battery life had ended, the night would continue on until the sun rose and blinded my eyes, the bird’s chirps making my ears bleed and the alcohol finally showing its poisoness effects.

Happy New Year to all Love WETHELOONS xxxxxxxx


Moey was still in the bath when we got back.  After drinks flowing all afternoon, the rigs arriving and darkness falling this was the hour where men became men - we started drunkenly chopping wood.  I found the guys out the back all sweaty and giggling when I was grabbing another can out of the eski and asked them what they were up too.. The guys simply replied "were chopping wood, its fucking awesome" my first attempt i drunkly missed the log and over swung almost chopping my own leg out from beneath myself.  Second swing BAM - they were right - its fucking awesome.  No pics of the event because i was getting busy being sweaty and giggling.

Walk The Line

Krez took us on a walk to show us his beautiful land, I felt like we were in Lord of the Rings, it felt awesome.  We hung out at a swing the guys made a while back, it was a scary tire swing swaying above a huge drop down into the deep forest floor but this didnt stop krez from trying deadly backflips and freddy making freinds with the huge tree haha he swung out too wide and came crashing into the side for a big hug. 


are the bomb.

Ridin Dirty.

Relaxing.  So relaxing.  I always feel bad for not "doing" anything and slugging around during the day but when your away from cell phones, the internet, with no plans and nothing to actually do - relaxing has never felt better, Koonya was the escape we all needed!  The outdoor bath was a main attraction - Heated by the flames lit up underneath the tub!  I recall moey lasting a 5-6 hour stint


Fred, Laif, Krez and who ever else put in the hard yards to get this all together - BIG UPS!

Bottoms Up

After venturing around the block and settling from the outdoor excitment we pitched our tents, kicked back and started sinking the beverages - beautiful weather, beautiful atmosphere and beautiful people!

all aboard

After saying hello to all the homies I ventured around looking for photo opportunities because I knew I wouldn’t be bothered taking any once I had started drinking, this bus was epic.  Krez said it had been driven or towed up to the block years and years ago and used as storage, I fantasized of a magical bus full of rainbow colours and enough beer to last a lifetime but found it to be cob web filled and traces of bones, oh then I saw an eagle.