Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yesterday was a day full kick outs and driving - We missioned back to the Junk Yard spot to permanently cement in the rail and dig out the landing but after only a few minutes of shovelling we got a friendly reminder that the land was in-fact private.  After a couple hours of driving around mindlessly we finally decided on Nut Grove beach front ledge, which GG and myself built 4 years prior (still standing!) So hopefully we can get some more stuff happening up there.

George Simmonds - Bs Tail slide Fs Shuvit

After Sessioning the ledge we headed up to the Basketball courts to film a little Rat Times skit (soon to be seen) and ended up building a huge 90's style kicker - I couldn't get a legit shot of Hilsy's mega ollie but I tried.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday was the first day of my holidays for a while & I am going to film and take photos as much as I possibly can!  It was an amazing first day - If you want some motivation to get shit done hang with GG and Dix because they are always keen to get there hands dirty and make something skateable.  We used to skate this spot way back in the day - Everyones favourite spot with kickers, flat bars, ledges and drops but after some little kid broke his arm there, resulting in his parents suing the land owner - The spot was shut down (thanks a bunch you dick!) So we plan to revive the spot and hopefully no one breaks a bone.  We ended the day at a cool spot everyone always over looks - Dix shot a sequence with Mr Simmonds whilst the rest of us had a game of S.K.A.T.E

Monday, May 28, 2012


The Bowl is a challenge & basically anything done on any lip at any stage of the snake run is gnarly - it's always rad to gather once a year and see what everyone's got from the rookies to the veterans. Big up's to Jimmy and who ever else was involved organising the day!