Saturday, December 25, 2010


it was that time of the year again for another Porn Storm party, these yearly day parties are always a blast - dope tunes, vibes and homies - featuring Tassie DJ's and some mural painting going down this deal was legit.
Big ups to Oxley, Jugs and George for putting on the event - see you porn storming next year

Monday, December 13, 2010


Just finished reading this - Excellent! a must read.

Filthy Huns Breeding like rats in California and spreading east. Listen for the roar of the Harley’s. You will hear it in the distance like thunder. And then, wafting in on the breeze, will come the scent of dried blood and human grease … the noise will grow louder and they will appear, on the west horizon, eyes bugged and bloodshot, foam on the lips, chewing some rooty essence smuggled in from a foreign jungle … they will ravish your women, loot your liquor stores and humiliate your mayor on a bench on the village square


Since moving out of my city house I have been shopping maybe 3 times in the last 3 months compared to a 3-4 times weekly so today I went for a mega opshop run.  Didnt find too much amazing stuff but came across these rad finds - Space Jammin is a hard cover 'making of' filled with rad behind the scene flicks,  fresh lids for all, red and black lumberjack - need a hat to match, kicks, some movie posters and best of all - BONO this poster is an all time find. 


Limes bay - beautiful.  A couple hours drive from hobart and your surrounded by radness!  Minus a camping bucks party and a bunch of night rain, I had a balling time - eating and reading, beaching and exploring, making fires and sipping on drink.  I like camping.