Wednesday, March 28, 2012



The Night earlier we had missioned from Coles Bay to Launceston driving into one of the most incredible sun sets I had ever seen, it was like a scene out of a movie.  We arrived in Launceston at dusk and missioned up Mt Aurthur to stay with my homie Hugh who's family owns a 96 acre block of land with two houses they had built themselves and a veggie patch with enough food to supply a small town.  We sank some ale's and shared stories of past travels and this weeks sights then headed off to sleep.  Woke, Chilled & ventured back down the mountain and decided to hit up some of the Launceston op-shops which are gold mines - I don't know what happens up there but certainly not op shopping because every time I go I find big.  We swung by a local super market picked up some chicken, rolls, tomato, cheese and whatever else to make our lunch which we then ate at the Launceston Gorge - what a spot! Big lake to swim in, big pool to swim in and peacocks roaming the scene.  After a relaxing day we thought we might get a little skate in at this natural snake run spot I had remembered from years ago - again I don't know whats happening up in Launceston this spot is bullshit good for a DIY spot!!! (HINT HINT) Thomas and Alex charged the run with no fear which was rad to watch & that was the end of our day.   The next morning we woke up early and drove to the airport - it was sad to see the homies go but just seeing how much they enjoyed Tasmania gave me a little faith it wouldn't be the last time these bad men would be on our shores.  

I just want to drink
make party
and Fuck around.

Troy's blog is about 4 months so in the meantime check out his snaps and keep your eyes pealed for the Tassie trip!

Monday, March 26, 2012



Woke up to Troy racing around taking photos around 6am in the morning getting the sun rise - mad man.  Drifted back to sleep for another couple of hours then awoken by the local ranger who was not impressed with our camp site - Maz handled the situation smoothly and we avoided a hefty $190 fine, so we packed our boat and headed back to the boat ramp and not so much to our surprise we were welcomed ashore by the fuzz & again Maz the smooth criminal handled the situation at hand dodging another $45 dollar fine.  Once the boat was back on the trailer and the car packed we headed up the mountain for the Wine Glass Bay lookout - what a fucking spot, so beautiful.  When we got back to the car park we spotted a bunch of wallabies which everyone was hyped on and all had a pat and photo!

Friday, March 23, 2012




Day 5 was epic.  Woke, cooked, packed & bailed - On the road to Coles Bay.  Spirits and vibes were high as everyone was hyped to see the beautiful sites.   First stop was Bicheno op shop where the homies didn't have much luck minus a rad yellow trucker hat with "GOLD COAST" printed on the front, we headed on down to the local skatepark to our surprise had been removed - which sucked but the local ducks by the river kept us entertained.  Foot to the floor and we were again on our way - The Austrians were starting to get a little bummed out they had been in Australia over 2 weeks and still hadn't seen a Kangaroo so the next lot of road kill we spotted we were to pull over and check it out - little did we know we had walked into a wallaby grave yard of some sort with a carcass every 10 metres, we tallied 13 wallabies within a 100 radius so were torn apart by the cars front grill and others were fresh with what looked like bullet holes - we scoped out the whole site and found a bunch of skulls to take home.  Once arriving in Coles Bay we met up with Troy's homie Maz - The Sea Mang who had recently moved down from Sydney.  Maz is a fucking legend and has incredible past stories of sharks, being stuck out at sea for 3 months and has amazing knowledge of the land and how to survive - Maz came equip with a boat which we packed full popped the wine and beers and hit the water for a camping spot and after 20 mins of scouting we found our home for the night - Hazzards Bay.  This was incredible arriving late afternoon before dusk with no soul in site and a million dollar view - The pictures do no justice.  We set up camp and collected copious amounts of wood for a lush fire, we got sloshed and slept under the stars - a night to remember! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


DAY 4 

After the 3 previous days of skating the Hobart terrain it was time for nature and where else better than Tasmania.  We did a little research and headed our way down to the Styx Valley home to some of the tallest trees in the world and our playground for the day.  On our journey Troy spotted an echidna slowly potting along the road, Screeching brakes - Speedy U Turn and the homies were running after the little spikey creature and god dayhm did he put up a fight!  Alex a giant of men was chosen to retrieve the creature from his half dug burrow - this took almost 15 mins and the footage is incredible.
Moving on with Sandwiches packed, boots strapped and doobies rolled we trekked through the moist forrest and found some fuck off trees.  After capturing a bunch of tourist snaps we headed down towards the river where the Austrians took to an old dead tree whilst yelling gorilla like noises OOO OOooOOO AHHH ahhhh OOO OOOoooOO

We decided to drive deeper into the forrest and came across a massacre of trees it was a terrible site and on that note it was time to bail.  On our mission home we parked the car on the side of the road and filled garbage bags full of black berries growing on bushes for kilometres besides the road - this made for an epic desert and next mornings pancake mix!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012



With the Homies worn and torn from the previous week in Melbs and a busy first day we decided this would be our catch up day - time to recover.  After good rest and a big breakfast/lunch meal we decided a casual arvo roll at the much loved Taroona skatepark was in order which always supplies the chilled vibes, after cruising the park we missioned down to a beach just down the road for a cooling swim, grabbed some ale's and chicken parmy at the local and with the homies so hyped on their first West Hobart Bowl sighting the vibes were buzzing and a session was in need - a couple jugs later we were filming and screaming in the bowl until the sun went down.  (no snaps sorry!)


Homies still buzzing off the previous nights session and the sun beaming we were out the door before midday and getting it done.  Thomas (Doctor Nick) was shredding the end section apart but one too many bails sent the Austrian over the top claiming his session was over - 20 mins later a re hydrated and rested  Austrian was putting on for his city, much footage was gathered this day and again the vibes were high.  We were accompanied by our homie Pat who had not slept a wink since we last saw him at the pub earlier the previous night, he was well fucked and needed a kip.  We grabbed some lunch and made the mission to the Longley water hole - what fucking incredible spot!  Fresh water from the valley.  On arrival Troy (The Street Legend) claimed yet another bubblah (you will see the footage) and after performing came across and little bird fallen from its nest - he was named Bubblah Bird & he was awesome.  The Water hole was amazing spot to finish up the day with a couple of tallies.