Thursday, September 29, 2011


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I have seen John Cale live, it was a very powerful experience.


TNT boneless into a Tasmanian spot BOAGS DRAUGHT PROPS!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I will own a 1971-74 HQ Kingswood

& a Border-Collie called Elvis

life could be a dream, sha boom, sha boom.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This Carbonara recipe is extremely - easy, tasty & affordable!
This meal is for 2 and should take between 15-20 mins


Boil a pot of water & place your fettuccine to cook

Slice and Dice your - Bacon, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and onion

Place the diced bacon in firstly - give this 3-4 mins before adding your onion - once browned add the cherry tomatoes

By now your pasta should be ready and drained - add this once you feel the bacon, onions and tomatoes are cooked

Now add a handful of spinach - remember spinach shrinks rapidly & the trick is to toss and turn regularly  so the spinach doesn't burn on the bottom

once the spinach is blended add the thickened cream, less is more - you don't want this dish having too much excess sauce, sprinkle pepper for a kick and a brown tint

Serve with a Merlot or Boags XXXX ale - she good.

- Enjoy! 

Deadly People feat. Busy P vs NME. Lore in LDN

KOKO Housed Deadly People Feat. Busy P vs Club NME. Deadly People, London, hosted a fantastic mixture of experiences for the packed crowd that filled the auditorium theatre.

Logo Switched it up and tuned in the mood for the hungry dancers. Logo was providing the works of what was about to come. Keeping it simple and winding up the tempo in calm and automated succession; it rose to a plateau, ready for the next show. This show was truly to impress.

Carte Blanche, DJ Mehdi and a DJ Riton were welcomed upon the stage by adoring fans an the oblivious. Hands rose as their black and white banners dropped, revealing negative-tone portraits of them selves. clearly distinguishing their skin colour – in a non-racial way – it complimented their act in a nice artistic yin and yang. Carte Blanche switched the mood and without any warning plugged some grooves and moves that lifted the floor. People cheered and encouraged the duo to act like excited children; laughing and playing around, showing that they were having fun, which inevitably energised the crowd.

Famous for their shows, Carte Blanche pulled out another trick in their entertainment hat. Two dancers in appropriate uniform to the duo entered the stage on roller-skates, fuelling entertainment; satisfying the senses of the whole crowd. They were agile and never failed a smile on a fans face. They danced on stage bringing out simple and classic moves to inspire those who wanted to bust-a-move. Wielding flags, and rolling about with ease on stage the music was perfectly party. The wonderful show from the dancers and the deadly duo Carte Blanche was exciting and was a fantastic performance; without a doubt agreed by all who experienced it. The dancers joined C.B. side by side on stage, all grooving and showing people how they have fun.

Without mention or obvious entrance, Busy P flailed the arms of Dj Mehdi and Dj Riton as if they were heavy-weight boxing champions into the air, and the cheers, shrieks of excitement and the fitting "WTF?'s" filled the air. Busy P, Pedro Winters, had busted onto the set and in an odd way finished C.B.'s show perfectly and in a way how it should be done. The banners disappeared and lights dimmed, however, the peoples anticipation for the father of dance did not.

Upon his informal entrance, Busy P showed his dedication to what he does. People are patient and like to see artists prepare, and this is what he showed. "Busy P, WTF?" He begun his set with this sample in digitalised distortion; with such repetition it then provided the tempo for his inaugural song. He tuned in his set, he opened up his case of music and carefully scanned over to familiarise himself with his collection so when it came time to mix he could do this with ease. I suppose this is what makes a great artist/showman. Busy P has a fine reputation and many know how good he really is.

Until you've actually seen him in real life and as close as I got, then you really understand the fantastic vibe you get from this industry giant. Busy P then got busy with the show. Playing wonderful soul and dance tunes; he reset the mood and shaped the crowd how he wanted them. And he did. The people didn't care for the general tunes, but were eager for Busy P's experience. And this is what he provided: The experience. Observing the crowd, not one had a frown, but smiles and some were into it so much that they closed their eyes and trusted the people around them to support their feeling. Needless to say, they did and the crowds vibe was fantastic, energising, and positive.

Overall, the night was fantastic and couldn't have been bettered. This is all thanks to the Ed Banger, Deadly People and NME crews and of course the eager fans and club scensters. A show to be happy with and a show if missed to be jealous of.

I thought I'd also add that it was DJ Mehdi's last show. Mehdi died at 34 years of age after falling form the roof in Paris. It was an honour to shoot his last official show. This article is in respect to the Ed Banger tragedy. He will be missed. I hope that people enjoy the photos.

For more information about DJ Mehdi's Death, follow this link:

Want to see more photos?
Check out my Tumblr:

- Lore Danger

Monday, September 19, 2011


is an amazing photographer with an amazing blogspot to follow - check out his lastest Cliche Tour snaps

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sup interwebs?

This week... for those of you who have a set up... Let this guy get you hyped! You might not know him... I didn't. Evan Smith I like your skateboarding. Kew style.

I didn't think this trick actually ever went down. Thank you Bob B for making a Skate 3 trick a reality.

Here is a super kewl song, that I was introduced to through none other than the Fliffing Fliffer Himself. I bet he listens to it when he is sitting back fliffin filthy fliff all over his fliff, fliff-stack. This came out last year I think... but he gets rad old stock footage to make these vintage videos.
Com Truise.

This last bonus vid... is a real treat.

Gnar Idian Train Surfing.

Thanks again for tuning in this week you guys.



This is what I needed instead of college.


is a king of men.  I like it leave myself a couple of weeks in between visit's and get lost over there for half an hour to an hour enjoying his many scribbles, sketch's, painting, friends and working life - Josh is a true blogger and has recently dropped some T-shirt design's up for sale! go check his space -

Monday, September 12, 2011


 XEN DEUCE - 2003

This video captures Australian Skateboarding at its best.  The XEN trilogy has played a very large roll in my skateboarding life - before XEN - PLAY (2nd video) I had never viewed a skateboarding video,  this opened my eyes to the Australian skateboarding culture & also in-fact inspired me to pick up a camera.  The production and editing of DEUCE is mind blowing with Tim Dunn holding an incredible talent, I can honestly say there has been no other Australian productions to this date that have been able to project the vibe Tim and Anthony Mapstone were able to master.  I hope you all enjoy the uploads -

This is Australian skateboarding history.

XEN SKATEBOARDING Presents a Tim Dunn & Andrew Mapstone production

STARRING - Tristan Walker, Shane Azar, Tom Cuthbertson, Mike Denovan, Anthony Mapstone & Todd Johnstone. Michael 'DAVO' Davidson, Ben Maclachlan.

Guest Apperances - Dustin Dollin, Ewan Bowman, Greg Stewart, Darren Kirby

Music - Graham Neilson / Director of Photography - Andrew Mapstone
Graphics - Rocky NG

Edit - Tim Dunn / Directed by Tim Dunn & Andrew Mapstone


If you appreciate our efforts - attempting to bring Australian skateboarding history to you every week please let us know -

Sunday, September 11, 2011


First collaboration between Hannah Lesser and Jules - They remain nameless at this point n time but have been juggling some titles.  This tune has been in the works for the last month & a Big ups to Cal Young is much needed for all his help in the studio. Still needs a proper mix down but let us know what you reckon! Much love

Monday, September 5, 2011


Have you seen that new show "Pickers" its cool.  Two dudes driving around america finding cool stuff in peoples sheds and houses - this here is what they live for 

'$1 million in gold

$75,000 in silver 

$400,000 in stocks '


Gustav Tonnesen

fucking shreds - 

I heard this a while back & still haven't seen it exposed too much, maybe Fran should sing everything she says rather than speaking, beautiful singing voice.

little fact - The song was written by a Tasmanian singer, song writer.

I could go forever.

Australia has the



a king of men.


This is one the best things to come out of Tasmania -

THE E.C - a 2 part episode telling the infamous story of the Zappa murder - In this episode (ep 2 of 1) we see a forbidden love affair blossoming but at cost - a jealous raged partner has organised the perfect murder.

Bought to you by academy award winning director - Seth Fehlberg with an allstar cast - 
George 'GG' Simmonds 
Matt 'unreal' O'reall 
Seb 'The harrasser' Young 

and star of his own direction 

- Seth 'Spielberg' Fehlberg