Sunday, November 28, 2010

Marlboro Cowboy.

These are too tasty and at a $1.10 a pack - its far too dangerous.  Oh and the white filters are extra stylin.


Jet ski

After giving the elephants a scrub with a hose and brush the trainers let you go for a swim ride with the beasts, i was kinda scared.  I sat and watched whilst only a couple from our group went for a dip, it looked crazy and I like these pictures the most.

Space Jams

These elephants were trained to do allsorts, kick a soccer goal, carry a trainer around a balance beam, sit and shout, paint, Add and subtract, hoola hoop, but the gnarliest was slam dunks - you see i expected it to grab the ball and simply place it through the hoop.. no, this dude put some MJ on that shit for extra point, slammin

Jurassic Park

The safari is basically Jurassic Park except people dont get eaten and there are no failing eletric fences, you cruise about and chill with the elephants.  But the coolest thing - The elephants pick you up from your room everynight and take you to the safari resturant, very kinglike.  These monsters are super friendly and super hairy, some had stylin hair and others didnt.

Elephant Kings

The Bali heat was like a sucker punch to the face, So having aircon is a MUST in all hotels.  This trip we were staying in 4-5 star hotels and walking into these rooms from the heat was like entering a huge fridge, refreshing.  Our first stay was at an elephant safari park and it was rad. 

San Andreas

After a painful days worth of travelling we had finally hit our destination - Bali.
I shot gunned front seat unaware people in Bali all drive like they are playing the newly released Grand Theft Auto, at first it was crazy and i couldnt understand how people wernt being run down infront of us being flatten like pancakes but after a while realised everyones very aware of whats going around, but really - its kinda retarded.

Indo Mission.

I havent been posting in the last few weeks due to a overdue holiday, hit up Bali for good times and the sun.
This is the first photo of the trip - We waited 2 hours in Hobart, flew 2 hours to Sydney, waited 7 hours then flew 8 hours to Kuala Lumpar, waited 5 horrible hours then flew 3 hours to Bali, Cheap flights are gnarly.

Monday, November 8, 2010


This is my friend hannah, she bought this suite on the Internet for $150.  A bargin! Hannah is super rad and is always fun times during hang times,  I cant believe we got lucky with the rainbow also!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010