Sunday, July 31, 2011


of late because we have been busy, really busy.

The Loons joined DJ DAMEZA & PADDLES for a quick mix last week with a clip in production!

Louie and Ted Deacy have joined forces to create a different skate clip to the normal, filming on Saturday with a rad crew of homies was fucking rad!

HOLIC CLOTHING launch was last night & they held quite the party! paparazzi shots up soon

Theo & Jules were busy recording & gigging with The Baxter Stockman, Jules also committing his day to the editing booth creating a fucking dope track - sure you guys will hear soon!

LORE has been drinking beers & doing way more than expected of him! killin it

Its been a busy week & the best news there is plenty more on the go

Friday, July 29, 2011


Sunday session with the Trout Slayer
Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brewery: Big Sky Brewing Co. "Trout Slayer" 
Make: Montana Ale
Volume: 5.0%
Per unit: £3.99


Ok, ok, I've been told often never to judge a book by it's cover, in this case: a beer by it's label. I saw this and thought it was the best thing since jebus. I had to buy it and try it. As if you wouldn't buy a beer called Trout Slayer. Seriously.

So, Big Sky delivered a nice ale colour to the fiscal cup of kremlins and it began its journey down my neck. It wasn't much to start off with, beer then came in the mix, however, i'm not sure if I got the last of the batch, but it tasted like American water. Not that it's a bad thing, but it I wanted water I would've bought a bottle of water. 

It's NO slayer. However, like most American beers, It's probably a good session beer. You could pound 8 and be still ok for fishing. 

All in all, it was good.

Intoxicationator: Give 6 a rinse.

Dangerscale: 42.9/100

"Best Leave it the day you got to Missoula, Montana, USA. It would be cheaper there."

Song Listened too whilst consumed: "Lemonade" Boys Noize

Enjoy Responsibly (or not). 

Lore Danger,  24th July, 2011


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The Empire Strikes Back

Directed by Irvin Kershner


Ultra-Condensed by Keith Reilly


I have to go to Dagobah.


You have to use the force.


I have to go to Cloud City.

Darth Vader

You have to go to the dark side.


No I don't.

Darth Vader

I'm your father.


No you're not.

Darth Vader

Fine, I'll cut off your hand.


Ever wanted to see a movie but haven't quite had the time? check out - it takes just a minute 


Lore was rad enough to send through some extra review's for us to enjoy over the next few days!

Sunday session with Friend of the Devil
Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brewery: Old Slewfoot "Friend of the Devil" 
Make: Continental Style Ale
Volume: 7.7%
Per unit: £6.99

The stitch-up

It was a long and anticipated drop. I was really excited to get stuck into this one. The presentation was fantastic; in a paper wrap, corked top with a cage, I felt like a superstar mooching on a cocaine baby-bottle. The unwrapping had begun, I poured the contents into the goblet of desire. The colour looked good and it had a shimmer to it. I stuffed my face in the glass and gave it a good sniff: Fruity, hoppy and bitter. All I could really pick out.

The taste is what confused me. It tastes so smooth, so nice and didn't punch me off my chair for once. I was surprised, really. Crispy like salad and hinted toward a champagne flavour, still keeping in an ale fashion. It was crispier than a TED* and left no trace on the tongue. Only to relive the experience after a hectic belch. 

To me, it had an odd ancient feeling about it. I cannot explain it. It seemed to me a little like two Egyptians pissing in the wind at each other or some god-like warrior slaying an Evil Beast. I think this would be a good beer to sit down with an read old stories to kids with… or stoners.  

Intoxicationator: 1 will be plenty. As it will rape your wallet if you buy more than one. 

Dangerscale: 45/100

"Probably not worth the price, but if you find it under 7 quid, give it a go."

Song Listened too whilst consumed: "Bluto Fuck Popeye" Bloody Beetroots

Enjoy Responsibly (or not). 

Lore Danger,  24th July, 2011


Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Another week has gone by, and we are still here. The world is a busy place atm, so lets learn some shit. If you haven't heard of them TED Talks, givin by the leaders of the world for everyone, interesting talks on Technology, Entertainment, and Design. 

1. Modern math has taken over, we are literally moving mountains for algorithms to run faster, that no one will ever use, or see. Humans are math bitches.

2. This is pretty cool. Not so much a sixth sense as she is talking about... but this is mos def the beginning of real life Terminator.

3. So you think that you are making the decision about who's feed your checkin? You think you are seeing everything google has to offer? You've already lost control.... more math.

After drifting and learning, we've got another week before some more tube-a-licious tubes!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse

is another amazing talent joining The 27 Club in the sky  - Rest In Peace

Thursday, July 21, 2011


So here is our first but not last attempt at a surf film/edit - couldn't get the HD quality on the clip but its a taste non the less - tell us what you think! pointers, tips anything!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Saturday session with The Kernel
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brewery: London Brewery "The Kernel" 1856
Make: Imperial Brown Stout
Volume: 10.1%
Per unit: £3.80

The low-down

This beer is not for the weak. I thought i'd like to mention this before you think to go out and crack one open. It's designed for men, barbarians and vikings alike. Yes, I know the pompous English make it, but it delivers a whirlwind of flavour and haymakers. Truly men, these English Brewers.  

If you like chocolate, espresso, and burnt stuff, then this is your stout! It's a strong, rich and plentiful experience. Already, just in two minutes of drinking it, it's started to pull some brain strings. It's a brut, it's hardcore, and it tastes so dam good.

When poured into the glass of mayhem it resembles a freshly brewed espresso. Deceptive and heavy, like Kerry King, it will shred you slowly and brutally. Weighing in at a hefty 10.1% this is sure to make your dreams as fucked up as mine. 

The drunken value was more intense during my snooze. Dreams distorted into me running away from a mutant hyena. Not sure if it was the beers fault or i'm twisted? However, London Brewery's 'The Kernel' is a cracker of a drop and should be on the list to do if ever in London. I think you'd be lucky to find it in any beer merchant stores in Australia or America.   

Intoxicationator: 1 will be plenty. There is no way you can sit up all night and drink these monsters. Plays with your mind.

Dangerscale: 72.5/100

"Give it a go, you pussy."

Song Listened too whilst consumed: "On the road again" Willie Nelson

Enjoy Responsibly (or not). 

Lore Danger,  16th July, 2011



Yes, we know.

Hey Tubers, 
This week get the drift.

1.  Drifting uphill.

2. Cats that drift

3. Mad drift.

Same time next week, but maybe a day late!

Love Theo.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Seasick Steve was once homeless, now his jammin' with a quater of Zepplin


Andrew Maney is one of the nicest dudes I've had the pleasure of meeting, he was shredding at the local just this weekend so I had to upload his part from 3206 video issue 11 - 2002


Skateboarding is fucking awesome.

So hyped this dude was in there

Friday, July 15, 2011


Tip 5 - Defifliffons 1

There are many methods to spend ya fliff. In the previous Case Studies of Fliffing I have referred to many of these methods without providing an adequate defifliffon. I was writing for full time fliffers born with my gift but I guess I have to dumb it down for you chumps so here it is.

Dump fistfuls:
Reach inside ya fliff sack and start dumping fistfuls of fliff over the counter. For extra points, cock ya head back and laugh violently while dumping.

Bomb it:
Fucking drop ya whole sack on the counter

This is an advanced move but one of my Favourites. Do the "Bomb It" motion but with more force and at an angle. Your entire fliff sack should break open and fliff should explode and pour all over the counter. This method is best saved for moments where you have been Questioned, potentially Outfliffed or a fly Panther is clocking in behind the counter. One you can practice which I use all the time is called the hollywood, cos you act in it. After the store person asks for the fliff, start looking sad, this is called acting. The store person and errbody in the line behind will start to believe you don't have the fliff to buy the goods. After a few seconds, the store person will start to say something. This is the way it will go down. You'll see them breath in, wait, they'll begin to form a word, and FUCKING BAAAAAAAAAAM!


Fliff just fucking Explodes in their face! Receipts and coins fucking fly everywhere, Napalming the desk, the floor, even knocking Shit off the counter.

Before they knows what the Fuck just happened you've already busted a 180.

Grab a fist full of fliff, look the person in the eye, straighten your arm out high in front of you, keep eye contact, start letting the fliff flow. Not too quick, just one at a time spreading all over the counter. As the fliff flows make your stare progressively more and more intense. An intensifying stare with a slight tilt of the head is very effective. Never break eye contact.

Use this shit in Scrabble.

Keep on fliffin